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University of Victoria Pro-life Club, Youth Protecting Youth, Stages a Free Speech Protest


On Tuesday, March 2nd, University of Victoria pro-life club, Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), will be holding a free speech protest. The protest will take place from 11:30 to 1:30 outside of the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria (UVic).

The students will be protesting the fact that club funding has been withheld from them for four semesters in the past two years. This semester, after heated discussion, a motion was passed to deny them club status. The club attempted to call a Special General Meeting of undergraduate students to appeal this decision, but their request was denied by the UVic Students’ Society Board of Directors (UVSS).

This semester, YPY once again put up posters from an organization called Feminists for Life. These posters have sparked controversy in the past, and have led to YPY’s current denial of status and funding. The club, however, maintains that while the posters may be controversial, they do not constitute harassment, as has been alleged. Thus, they do not merit the removal of club status and funding.

The message YPY hopes to send is that their right to free speech is being infringed upon.

“In a society with true freedom of speech, people are going to be offended sometimes,” says Anastasia Pearse, president of YPY. “Just because some people disagree with or are offended by a message does not mean it constitutes harassment or is worthy of censorship.”

YPY members believe their message is of utmost importance: if what they say is true, hundreds of innocent human beings are being killed every day in our country. The club seeks to uphold the dignity of all human beings, from the earliest stages of life onwards – including, of course, pregnant women. The posters that have caused so much controversy advocate for better support for pregnant women and mothers in difficult situations.

The university should be a place for open and respectful discussion. This discussion is halted when one side is reprimanded for expressing their views. Through their censorship of YPY, the UVSS is sending a clear message that freedom of expression does not extend to students with unpopular or controversial views.

Links to the posters used by YPY:

Poster 1

Poster 2

3 thoughts on “University of Victoria Pro-life Club, Youth Protecting Youth, Stages a Free Speech Protest

  1. Hello, I am a 2nd year Nursing student at Camosun currently taking an Ethics course. We have a homework as follows: Present and defend your view on the moral standing of the human fetus. (What makes a person morally considerable?). Our instructor has said that she will give anyone 100% if they can back it up with scripture from the Bible. I have looked for books in the Christian Book store and we came up with a book that was from a legal standpoint but it had no scripture in it. I do not know if you can help me out at all but if you have any resources along that line I would surely appreciate knowing what they are and where I can get ahold of them. (I would LOVE to get 100% in her class!)

  2. Hi Moirin,
    That’s an interesting assignment! Even in presenting a Biblical argument for the value and dignity of the unborn, I would be careful to preface it by pointing out that the pro-life position need not be based on the Bible, nor is it inherently religious. Rather we view the unborn as people because we believe that all human beings are people – being an individual of the human species is what defines our dignity and personhood, not characteristics like gender, race, or level of ability, and not characteristics like size, level of development, environment, or degree of dependency.

    Scott Klusendorf’s website ( offers an excellent summary of the philosophical and scientific reasoning against abortion.

    In fact, I make a point of not bringing up religion in discussions of abortion unless the person with whom I’m talking brings it up first. This is firstly because I strongly believe that the case against abortion is based in the facts that biologically, the unborn are just as human as you and I, and morally, directly and intentionally killing a human being is wrong. Secondly, people have diverse views on religion, and it can be completely ineffective to base an explanation in Christian theology if the person I’m talking to is an atheist with no respect for Christianity, for example.

    There are of course, many people whose pro-life views and activism are motivated in whole or in part by their religious views, which may include belief in the Bible. So, here are some resources that will hopefully help with your assignment!

    Here’s some great info from Priests for Life:

    This essay has an interesting specifically titled “Biblical Arguments Against Abortion”:

    I hope those are helpful!

  3. Hello, really enjoyed this article! Great topic.

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