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Abuse of the unborn?

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Here is an article from State Journal, in which a woman is in court and has pleaded guilty to abusing her unborn child through her use of cocaine during her pregnancy. She is facing a 10 year prison sentence for this.

The obvious irony here is that someone can be sent to prison for abusing an unborn child, yet it is a socially acceptable practice to kill the same unborn child through the act of abortion. This is inherently and unmistakeably illogical reasoning. It clearly directs our attention to the questions: If abusing an unborn child is criminal, then how can it be considered legally and socially acceptable to kill an unborn child? If unborn children are not regarded as persons worthy of protection under the law, then why is it both intuitively and potentially legally wrong to abuse an unborn child? It so obviously points to the wrongness of abortion.

My sympathies and prayers go out to all those involved in this case. I pray that the right choice will be made and this small case will help bring about a conversion of culture.

I found this article on the University of Toronto’s Students for Life Blog, and I thought it was worth sharing again.

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