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Press Release: Pro-Life Students take Legal Action against their Student Union


VICTORIA, B.C., May 3, 2010 ‑ Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), the University of Victoria pro‑life students’ club, today filed a petition in the BC Supreme Court initiating legal proceedings against the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS).

The lawsuit seeks various court orders all to the effect that the UVSS has acted unlawfully in denying YPY club funding since September 2008, and recently upped the ante by refusing to ratify YPY as an official club for the Spring 2010 semester. In addition, the Clubs Policy has now been amended to specifically target pro‑life advocacy.

University of Victoria student, UVSS member, and YPY president, Anastasia Pearse commented:

“We have watched pro‑life student groups throughout the province, and across the country, face the stifling and discriminatory decisions of Student Societies that deny them funding or club status.

Our aims are to promote choices that protect unborn human beings and their mothers from the harm of abortion.  We should be granted equal opportunity to share our message.”

The students involved with YPY are members of the University community, which is the very place where controversial topics should be discussed and various sides considered. They recognize that it is their duty to stand up to protect the core value of ideological diversity and the fundamental values at stake in this case including equality and freedom of expression.

The controversy that has sprung up in the media around Prime Minister Harper’s recent announcement that Canada will not fund abortions as part of its G8 child and maternal health‑care initiative for developing countries demonstrates that abortion is still a live issue for debate.  Pearse highlights, “To debate is to engage with opposing ideas and in order to fully engage, we must be free to express opposing views respectfully without censure.”

Joseph Arvay of the Vancouver based firm Arvay Finlay is acting for Youth Protecting Youth.

4 thoughts on “Press Release: Pro-Life Students take Legal Action against their Student Union

  1. Dear Anastasia Pearse and Youth Protecting Youth:

    Thanks very much for launching this timely and important lawsuit in the public interest. YPY is now the avant garde of pro-life activism in Greater Victoria!

    I reproduce Jeff Bell’s page A5 article ‘Anti-abortion group sues UVic Students’ Society’ from the Tuesday May 4 2010 number of the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper and comment at some length on it here at LA ROSA:

    ‘Goyo de la Rosa’
    (Gregory Hartnell)
    LA ROSA Editor

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