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Who inspires you?


I was recently given a wonderful opportunity: I got to meet Nick Vujicic, a 27-year-old motivational speaker from Australia. To date, he has traveled to 32 countries and spoken to millions of people about his story and his faith.

What makes this man so inspirational? He was born without arms or legs. His parents didn’t expect this while his mother was pregnant – they found out when he was born. I encourage you to learn more about his story. This man has overcome so many obstacles and has dedicated his life to helping others.

But what is this doing on the pro-life club’s blog? The unfortunate reality of our society is that when a woman is pregnant and prenatal testing reveals that the baby may have some sort of disability, there is significant pressure for her to choose abortion. After meeting Nick Vujicic we met a woman whose young daughter was born without arms. Doctors encouraged her to have an abortion, but she chose not to. Her daughter is two years old now, and she’s a wonderful little girl.

Many times in discussions of abortion people have said to me “What about babies that are going to be born with disabilities? Isn’t it better to spare them from such a difficult life?” I ask you: Would someone be justified in killing Nick Vujicic because he has no arms or legs and faces many challenges in his life because of this? Of course not! Would someone be justified in killing a toddler born without arms because she will face many obstacles as she grows up? Of course not! Would someone be justified in killing a newborn baby because of his or her differences or disabilities? Of course not! So why would we kill an unborn human being for these reasons?

This brings us back to the fundamental question in the abortion debate: what are the unborn? As American apologist Gregory Koukl says, “If the unborn are not human, no justification for elective abortion is necessary. But if the unborn are human, no justification for elective abortion is adequate.” Biologically, from the moment of fertilization, there exists a unique individual of the human species – a human being.

Our value is determined by what we are (human beings), not by what our capabilities are. We don’t have to look too hard to find examples of people who inspire us precisely because they have overcome significant challenges in their life. Who inspires you?

5 thoughts on “Who inspires you?

  1. This author does!

  2. How about Andrea Bocelli?

  3. Hello,

    I have heard Nick Vujicic speak and he is inspiring. I am inspired when reading the story of this young woman with no arms who is successfully raising her first child. But what if this woman had not had the funds to raise her child? What if she were living in an unsafe environment? An abusive environment? And of course, what if the intercourse that impregnated this young woman was not by her choice?
    Choice. We have been given a choice.

  4. Hi Ally,

    Yes, choice is important, but are all choices right?

    It would be a grave matter if any of these circumstances were the case (insufficient funds, abusive environment, rape), but can they really justify the choice to end the life of the unborn?

    In the case of insufficient funds and abusive environments, there are groups and services out there for women. In my opinion there are not enough of these groups and many of these groups are looked down on for their pro-life views.

    In the case of rape, which is an incredibly terrible circumstance that I would never wish on anyone, can we really end an innocent life simply because he/she happens to be conceived in such a manner? I would suggest looking up Rebecca Kiessling. She was conceived through rape and because her mother was unable to get an abortion she decided to put her up for adoption. Can we really tell her that because she was conceived through rape that she should have been aborted?

    • i don’t think that anyone is saying that a pregnancy that results from rape ‘should’ be terminated, but the woman should have a choice as to whether or not she wants to abort. just because rebecca kiessling’s mother chose not to have (or was not able to obtain?) an abortion does not mean that choice is right for every woman.

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