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YPY Continues Legal Consultation


As of this writing, Youth Protecting Youth and the University of Victoria Students’ Society’s engaging in legal conflict has failed to reach a final conclusion. The UVSS Board of Directors has voted to remove new anti-pro-life clauses from its policy (changes to its Harassment Policy had discriminated against pro-life advocacy) and grant status, funding and retroactive monies to YPY. Although these measures address some of the requests made in the petition to the BC Supreme Court, two key points remain unresolved: The UVSS hasn’t declared the action it has taken against YPY in the past to be unlawful, and the UVSS hasn’t promised that YPY’s behaving as it has so far will prevent it from being silenced again.

The UVSS must take steps – in a spirit of true reparation – to ensure that it will  act consistently and fairly in the future. At present, we fear that there are no guarantees that the students’ society won’t discriminate against pro-life students in semesters to come.

YPY remains in legal consultation at present, reasonably seeking to secure lasting protection from censorship and discrimination against its members and its message.

3 thoughts on “YPY Continues Legal Consultation

  1. I think that it is great that YPY is continuing this battle and keeping up the fight for fair and lawful treatment. It is too bad that the new board has to deal with the problems the old one created.

  2. About ten years ago UVSS cancelled YPY’s status and funding in similar circumstances. UVSS backed down when a human rights complaint was prepared, but did the same thing again in 2008 (thus starting the process that led to the current lawsuit). There is good reason for YPY to seek assurance that UVSS will not change its mind again next year or the year after.

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