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Embryo Research: Experimenting with Humans?


Ever wonder what embryonic stem cell research is? It is essentially an area of research involving the use of human cells that have the ability to differentiate into many other different types of human cells. However, how researchers go about acquiring these cells is a topic of ethical debate. A reflection on this topic and how it relates to the abortion debate can be found here in an article by

This Tuesday, March 15th, Youth Protecting Youth is hosting a presentation by Dr. Clement Persaud on the topic of embryonic stem cell research and the ethical questions associated with this process. The presentation will begin at 6:00 PM (in the Bob Wright Science Building, room B150), and will feature a presentation of approximately 45 minutes regarding embryo research, human embryo hybridization and other related biological processes. He will address the ethical issues involved with such procedures and propose practical points of action. This presentation is particularly relelvant to any student or person in the field of biology, medicine, embryology, or ethics. There is no cost to this presentation. We invite you to join in this event which will be sure to be very informative.


2 thoughts on “Embryo Research: Experimenting with Humans?

  1. stand and fight against the slaughtering of innocent umbilical cords!

  2. I think you misunderstand the issue. As someone who is very pro-life, I have no problem with the use of umbilical cords as a source of tissue for medical research, so long as they are used with permission (of the mother, obviously, because newborns are far too young to give consent). Nor do I believe that umbilical cords can be “slaughtered” – they are not whole beings, rather just parts of living human beings.

    I think that the advances made in somatic stem cell research (which are many) are excellent, and that this area of research should receive lots of support seeing as how it has generated many successful treatments. I have no ethical qualms about direct use of somatic stem cells, direct transformation of adult cells into the desired type of cells, or re-inducing pleuripotency in adult cells, so long as these treatments are carried out by medical professionals with the same care and precautions as any other medical treatment.

    The type of research with which I, and many other pro-life people, take issue is that that involves the killing of human embryos. The pro-life view is that all human beings are people, regardless of age, developmental stage, or any other factor. Thus while such research could help some people (although if you look into it, successful treatments using somatic stem cells are numerous and to my knowledge there are no successful treatments using human embryonic stem cells so far), killing some people in the process of helping others is unethical.

    If you’re interested in this topic I hope you’ll come to the talk and participate in the question period.

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