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Don’t Get Comfortable


I’ve heard a lot of criticism for certain pro-life tactics. Specifically, I’ve seen it suggested in a variety of instances that in our efforts to further the pro-life cause, we should be careful not to upset people – not to make people uncomfortable. After all, won’t people reject our message if we make them uncomfortable?

Imagine you’re sitting in a chair. What would motivate you to change your position? If you’re perfectly comfortable sitting just the way you are, why would you change? Discomfort is what tells us that maybe our position is not the best. Maybe there’s a better one, and maybe we should move.

We live in a country where around 100 000 human beings are legally killed each year through abortion. Revealing to people that abortion kills human beings should make them uncomfortable. If we are willing to look at the truth of the matter, we should all be very uncomfortable, in fact, with the position our society takes toward the treatment of human beings before birth. If we all stopped cushioning abortion in euphemistic language and looked at the fact that preborn human beings are deliberately killed by doctors on a daily basis, perhaps our society would shift its position.

The initial reaction to being confronted with the truth about abortion may very well be anger. Most people don’t like to feel uncomfortable with their position.  Those open to discussion and honest examination of the issue, however, will soon see that it’s not the message or the images of abortion that are so disturbing – it’s the fact that this is really happening and we’re allowing it to happen. Others may not be willing to discuss or even consider the issue when it’s presented to them – that is their decision.

Telling people the truth about abortion may upset them. Not telling them is doing them a disservice in that they may remain unaware of the injustice that we as a society are currently allowing. Not telling them covers up the deaths of around three hundred human beings in Canada alone every single day. It’s ok to say abortion kills human beings, because it’s true. It’s ok to make people uncomfortable by being straightforward about the injustices going on in our world. It’s not ok to hide the truth for fear of making people uncomfortable. That helps no one.

I challenge you to let yourself be uncomfortable. Read the medical case against abortion. See the reality of abortion in Canada. Consider the uncomfortable truth about the way our society treats unborn human beings, and about any other injustice you encounter . Don’t shy away from your discomfort – let it motivate you to make change for the better.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Get Comfortable

  1. Care to list your net-worth? something makes me feel as if this website is directed by the elite who have a skewed world view…

    • Hi Bricks,
      I’d be interested to know what it is that makes you feel that way. I would suggest that a person’s net-worth is not particularly relevant to the truth of the statements they make. A statement is true or false in and of itself, not because of any characteristic of the person making it at a given time. Ad hominem arguments based on assumptions aren’t really helpful in starting a dialogue. If you have questions/comments about the content of the posts here we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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