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Choice Chain

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The responses to “Choice” Chain were numerous and varied. Images of aborted human beings are not something we are generally confronted with on a daily basis. The question “What do you think about abortion?” is not something we often hear. Some people chose to ignore us. Some people chose to answer quickly and walk away. Some people chose to swear at us. Some chose to make their own posters expressing their views, or chant slogans.

So the big question must be: do we think it was worth it? Yes. Absolutely. Because among all those responses, there were countless people who were open to discussion. Some quite openly disagreed with us, but were nevertheless willing to ask and answer questions and generally carry on a very rational conversation. Some came up and said something along the lines of “Ok, give me your pitch, tell me why you’re out here.” And some of the people we spoke to had never really thought about abortion before. Whether they knew about the issue but had not put enough thought towards an informed decision, or if they hadn’t really though about what abortion really was in the first place, they left having seen the truth, and having been encouraged to spend more time thinking about abortion. Good, interesting, challenging conversations were had throughout both days.

To those who were offended and upset by the display, we can only stress that while we recognize that it is controversial, we also see it as a legitimate way of sharing the truth with people. We believe in judging actions, not judging people, and thus we value people just as much whether or not they agree with us, and regardless of the choices they may have made.

To those who stopped to talk: thank you. It was so good to see openness to considering views outside the mainstream and a willingness to discuss things even though we may have strongly disagreed.

We share with you some quotes that occurred throughout the two days:

 “Wow. I never really thought about this before. These pictures really make you think. I need to think about this more. Thank you.”

“These pictures really put it into perspective. I never thought of it this way before. We’re killing a child.”

Images of aborted human beings AREN’T something we are generally confronted with on a daily basis, but abortions happen nevertheless, at a rate of about three hundred per day in Canada alone. To those who think our tactics are the wrong way of going about things, I ask: if you honestly believed that three hundred human babies were being legally killed in your country on an average day, what would you be doing about it?

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