Youth Protecting Youth

Defending the Dignity of All Human Life

You are loved

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This weekend some of us had the joy of meeting two of the Sisters of Life and hearing about their ministry. They are a community of women who devote their lives to “the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life.”

They shared with us stories of the women they work with and walk with, and gave beautiful insight on how they go about their ministry.

What struck me most was their love. These women radiate love for everyone with whom they come in contact. And so, I have a message for you from YPY, which reiterates our very first blog post, but which cannot be said enough:

You are loved. You are loved regardless of your actions, regardless of your circumstances, regardless of your views on abortion or your opinion of us. You are a person of value and dignity simply by nature of being. Whoever you are and wherever you go, you are loved.

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