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What’s New?

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When you think about what has changed at UVic and with Youth Protecting Youth since this time last year you might think that there isn’t anything new. UVic is still one of the most liberal campuses in Canada, abortions are still fully legal in Canada through all nine months of pregnancy, and approximately 300 pre-born babies are still being decapitated, dismembered, and disemboweled every day. Oh yeah, and we’re still paying for every one of these abortions with our tax money. So what’s new? Lots.

Our participation at the President’s Day barbeque and our time spent at the UVSS Clubs Days table has translated into over a dozen new members, all excited to join us in our mission to defend human life at all ages. While at Clubs Days we also spoke with leaders from many of the other campus clubs, and we hope to network with them, getting even more students and community members involved with spreading the news about the humanity of pre-born children and the inhumanity of what abortion does to these, the most vulnerable members of the human family.

Within the club we’ve already done multiple training workshops, designed to prepare club members to be ambassadors for the pro-life movement. We’ve spent hours doing practice dialogues, preparing ourselves not only for the common arguments presented to us by abortion advocates, but also preparing ourselves for times when we encounter someone that needs support, help, or healing. And we’ve found time to build community and fellowship, uniting ourselves behind this common desire to defend the dignity of every human life.

Through this we have kindled a renewed fervor for this work, and have over 20 members prepared to engage the students and staff at UVic in conversations about abortion. We have a greater urgency now than ever before for the pro-life cause, and this has translated into a number of big ideas about how we will show the University of Victoria the truth about abortion. This school year, we will expose the injustice. This year, we will confront the UVic culture. And this year, we will change more hearts, more minds, and save more lives than ever before. Get ready UVic because this is what’s new with YPY.

Cam Côté

Vice President

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