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You Don’t Have to Be Pro-Choice


Recently, while doing a “Choice” Chain display at UVic I asked a friend and fellow biology student what he thought about abortion, and he responded by saying that he “pretty much had to be pro-choice”. Confused by this response I asked him what he meant, and he replied “well, I’m going into med-school, so I pretty much have to be pro-choice. You know, with the whole Hippocratic Oath and everything.” Though initially I was caught off guard by this gross misinterpretation of the Hippocratic Oath, what disturbed me the most was that this student felt legitimately obliged to support the decapitation, dismemberment, and disembowelment of pre-born children because of his future career.

The more I think about this conversation, the more I realize how many people have accepted and even embraced the idea that they are for some reason required to hold the pro-abortion position. Countless men have told me that because they are men they either cannot have an opinion on the issue, or have to support a woman’s choice. Similarly, many women have told me that they must support abortion if they are to fight of gender equality, and many others have offered comparable reasons as to why they are obliged to be pro-choice.

Though you could certainly argue that some of these people are simply making excuses for choosing to adopt the more culturally acceptable stance on abortion, it has become more apparent to me that some people legitimately think that they have no choice but to support abortion. To this I can offer only one response: You do not have to be pro-choice.

Being a man does not mean that you have to forfeit your support of pre-born children. Standing up for women’s rights does not mean that you have to support a woman’s choice to end the life of the child developing in her uterus. And being a doctor or nurse does not mean that you have to turn a blind eye to the most vulnerable in our society. No employer, government, or significant other can force you to support abortion. You do not have to be pro-choice.

– Cam Côté

5 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Pro-Choice

  1. The appeal to the Hippocratic Oath is highly ironic, since one of its promises is “I will not give to a woman an abortive device.”

  2. Arguing that men can’t have an opinion or influence policy on abortion because they’re not women is like arguing that Canadians can’t have opinions or act to influence American policies because they’re not U.S. citizens.

  3. Arguing that men can’t have an opinion on abortion because they’re not women is like arguing that Canadians can’t have opinions about U.S. policies because they’re not American.

  4. Hi KiAnna and Fille. Your comments are interestingly really similar. In a society of free expression, I think most people agree that Canadians should be able to have opinions on American policies. Some American policies, trademark law for instance, are obviously more pertinent for Americans. However, some issues are important for everyone. Human rights violations in other countries are a good example of this. That latter sort of parallel might apply better:

    When a male has an opinion about abortion, he doesn’t need to judge females. He’s not a female, after all. But we would also say that females shouldn’t judge other females either.

    That doesn’t stop either men or women from recognizing that abortion is wrong and working to stop it. YPY believes in judging actions, not people. And people should be able to engage in discussion regardless of sex.

  5. Touche. Great arguments. Keep up the great work.

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