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Reflections on the 2014 NCLN Symposium

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NCLN 2014

by Barnabas Ney

The National Campus Life Network’s symposium, “True Patriot Love” was an incredible experience for me. Not as an adventurous university student traveling red eye for an exciting weekend in Toronto, but as one of many with a true common love. Yes a love for a beautiful, though far from perfect, country; yet, more importantly a love for life. We found a sense of joy in the diverse lives of everyone present, joy even in the face of great challenges and hardships.

While we came together to develop and grow as “pro-life” leaders, I believe many of us were reminded of why we speak for those who have no voice. The training and discussions were invaluable as we sought to be more effective, even just as concerned Canadians trying to protect the rights of our unborn fellow citizens. From apologetics to more specific campaign strategies we learned to express our position clearly in the hope of changing minds and winning hearts.

Still, through the entire packed days and late into the night, it was a message of life and love that prevailed. We laughed with a speaker at his references to his energetic young children, we cried at the testimonial of a young mother and fellow university student, but always found courage in friendship to keep our focus before us.

This was a wonderful opportunity to rediscover our duty as citizens to look out for our unborn fellow Canadians, and to take heart in a love of country and life. So I challenge everyone, whether you immediately identify with the “pro-life” cause or not, to be open to the value in our own lives and in the lives of everyone person around us.

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