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On Friday, November 14th, Youth Protecting Youth (YPY), the pro-life club at the University of Victoria (UVic), will be hosting a debate on abortion. Despite repeated attempts to shut the club and its activities down, the club remains committed to fostering an open dialogue on abortion.

 “We realize students at UVic have varying opinions on the issue of abortion” stated Kimberley Van Der Pijl, co-president of the club, “Given the divisiveness and controversy surrounding the abortion issue, we believe that a debate is an ideal opportunity to have a respectful dialogue on our campus about it.”

 Professor Eike-Henner Kluge from the UVic’s Department of Philosophy will be debating in favour of abortion and Stephanie Gray will argue that abortion is a human rights violation. These same two speakers debated in October 2009 when YPY hosted a debate that had to be repeated twice to accommodate the number of students that came to listen.

 The club has faced discrimination on campus in past year, and had to sue their own student society in 2010 when they were banned from campus following the 2009 debate. They are currently at the center of another lawsuit initiated by former club member Cameron Cote, who is once again asking that YPY be given the same rights and opportunities as any other club on campus. In addition to the ongoing lawsuit, the club had to deal with immature opposition from their own peers; in September some students dumped a bag of used kitty litter on YPY’s info table, and stole part of their display.

The debate will take place at UVic on Friday November 14 at 3:30 in David Strong C103.

For Further Information:

Kimberley Van Der Pijl

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