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Pro-Lifers and the Season of Summer

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   by Bianca Rojo
          In the wake of all the videos released in the United States by the Center for Medical Progress regarding Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling human fetal organs, and a nationwide campaign that was put together by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and Campaign Life Coalition Youth with respect to Justin Trudeau and his position on abortion, the summer of 2015 should be known as the summer dedicated to educating millions on the issue of abortion.
                Yet, in spite of all the pro-life work that was done, the US Senate blocked legislation to defund Planned Parenthood, as expected, and none of the political party leaders in the upcoming federal election has taken the abortion issue seriously.  Personally, I could feel discouraged about the result, but there are two lessons I could draw from this: that more work needs to be done and that I need to be more willing to speak to people about abortion.
                When I first saw the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s actions, I was frustrated.  This is an organization which knowingly and willingly justifies the slaughter of millions of babies a year by using very vague terminology such as “just a clump of cells” instead of “a growing baby.” However, when they want to sell a fetal heart, liver, or brain, they acknowledge the growth and development of a human fetus… but only so that they could profit from it.  As a society we need to re-evaluate this very mentality which Planned Parenthood is profiting from. We need to ask ourselves: Why is it okay to say that abortion is justifiable because the children are unwanted when at the same time children could be “carefully” ripped apart so that their organs could be used for research?  Generally speaking, abortions can happen for any reason or no reason at all.
                Whether or not Planned Parenthood is procuring fetal organs from abortions has yet to be determined, but something needs to be done about abortion. But what? We, as a society, need to be more willing to speak up against abortion.  With more politicians in the US willing to openly expose the truth regarding abortion, I need to be more willing to talk about it too.  In particular, with the lack of abortion restrictions in Canada and with 300 children being torn apart every single day, this conversation is one of dire importance and it needs to be discussed, especially among our own peers. 
                We need to evaluate our priorities and ask ourselves, “Am I going to let 300 children die tomorrow because I value their organs more than themselves as a human being or am I going to do something about it and do my best to save these children?”

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