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A Conversation is not just a Conversation

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by Bianca Rojo

One evening, I was on my way home from work when I decided to talk to my brother while walking in the dark. Because of our conflicting schedules, we seldom get a chance to talk to each other. That night, it turned out that I was calling him at the most inopportune time. He was at a friend’s house and they were having a conversation about the Abortion Awareness Project which UBC Lifeline hosted on their university campus this past November.

For those who don’t know, the Abortion Awareness Project is a visual display composed of 4×8-foot (or 6×13-foot) billboards.

I didn’t know this at the time, but my phone call had interrupted their conversation on abortion. When my brother and I finally got around to chatting with each other, he had confessed that he did not know what to say to his friends. Since he doesn’t discuss the issue of abortion often, he was left completely speechless.

Unless someone initiates the topic, the issue of abortion is rarely brought up in conversations by itself. It’s seldom a topic which is had over water coolers at work, unless it was headlining the 6 o’clock news the night before. I must admit that even I am guilty of not talking about it with my peers in class unless there’s an event which would encourage me to.

The issue of abortion is a very heavy topic to discuss intellectually, emotionally, and politically. When one doesn’t bring it up in conversation often, it is easy to feel rusty in conveying the embryology or speak to the human rights a preborn child has. It can be intimidating and therefore easy to fall into silence.

However, when we live in one of three countries in the world, including China and North Korea, which does not have any laws regulating abortion and therefore making it permissible throughout all nine months of pregnancy, shouldn’t we be having these kinds of conversations more often? Shouldn’t we be speaking on behalf of the 300 children who are victims of abortion every single day? If there are many Canadians unaware of this current situation, which many are, isn’t this enough of a reason to talk about it more?

While it most certainly helps when the pro-life movement has various strategies to initiate and encourage conversations on the issue, we don’t have to wait for these conversations to come to us or for it to just happen. Recently, I was reminded that we should make it our goal to have at least 3 of these conversations per week among my peers.

When we choose not to talk about it as frequently as we should, it becomes a lot easier to choose not to say anything out of fear. However, any conversation is a fruitful conversation because you know that you were able to do and say everything you could. Who knows, maybe the conversation becomes the pebble in their shoe, an issue that he or she starts to think more and more about because they were invited into a conversation that they had never spoken or thought of before.

So, the next time you have a conversation with your friend or classmate on the issue of abortion, what will you do?

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