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Technical Specification Aluminum Cold Roll Mill With Recoiler

Specification of the roll mil

Cold-rolled strip sheet sheet steel that has been pickled and run through a cold-reduction mill. strip has a final product width of approximately 12 inches, while sheet may be more than 80 inches wide. cold-rolled sheet is considerably thinner and stronger than hot-rolled sheet, so it will sell for a premium see sheet steel. cold working grinding mill.Award: we are the permanent trustee of china cold roll rorming mill association, who blazes a way in the high-tech field in china. we had got the iso 9001 certificate. we at gemco can offer you timely projects and technical service during the whole process of your purchasing and using.

Feb 10, 2012 technical information about the six high mill roughness freq. of roll diameter mm ra micron change work roll 425 max 380 min 0.5 – 0.6 500 tonnes intermediate rolls 490 max 440 min 0.6 – 0.7 1000 tonnes back up rolls 1250 max 1050 min 0.6 – 0.8 10000 tonnes 5. 7.

Rolling mill and slitters: cold rolling mill - innocenti zr23-25 sendzimir 20hi rolling mill, max width: 635 mm 25 , min width: 318 mm 12.5 , maximum mill speed : 400 mpm 1312 fpm, maximum entry thickness: 3.0mm .120 , minimum exit thickness: .075 mm .003 , maximum tension: 10,600 kg 23,360 pounds, closed loop coolant chilling system with filters, 1,000 hp dc mill drive, grinding mill.Oct 20, 2016 technical specification aluminum cold roll mill with recoiler. steelscape cold rolling mill. the purpose of the reversing cold rolling mill is to reduce the thickness of the steel to the customers specifications. the hot roll band passes back and forth between the rolls until it reaches the specified thickness. more info.

6 high reversible cold rolling mil

Sep 11, 2014 the differences between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel relates to the way these metals are processed at the mill, and not the product specification or grade. hot rolled steel involves rolling the steel at high temperatures, where cold rolled steel is processed further in cold reduction mills where the material is cooled followed by grinding mill.Difference between hot and cold rolled steel metal 1250mm 6hi reversible cold rolling mill . 1. its usage. the 1250mm 6hi cold rolling mill is used to roll 1.5-4.0mmthick 650-1050mm width hot rolled coil after pickling or rerolled steel after annealing into 0.13-1.5mm cold rolled steel coil. 2. technical data of the mill.

Jun 03, 2019 the main features of the sendzimir mill in structure and performance are as follows: 1 frame with integral casting or forging, high stiffness and radial rolling force acting on each section of the frame. 2 the small diameter of the working roll, the high reduction rate of the pass, up to 60. some materials can be rolled into very thin grinding mill.

Shate: members of the aluminium stockholders a flat material, either hot or cold rolled, between 4 & 6 mm thickness. sheet: a flat, cold rolled material, over 0.2mm but not exceeding 4mm 6mm in thickness; coiled sheet is known as strip and generally does not exceed 3mm in thickness. foil: a cold rolled material 0.2mm thick or less.China 1750mm hydraulic 4 hi non-reversing aluminium cold rolling mill, find details about china rolling mill, cold rolling mill from 1750mm hydraulic 4 hi non-reversing aluminium cold rolling mill - zhuozhou yesheng import & export co., ltd.

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A 75 mm thick by 250 mm wide slab of aisi 4135 steel is being cold-rolled to a thickness of 60 mm in a single pass. a two-high non-reversing rolling mill shown below with 750 mm diameter rolls made of tool steel is available for this task. the rolling mill has a power capacity of 5 mw per roll. the rolls rotate at a constant angular speed.

Cold rolled steels can be joined using accepted welding practices. surface finish cold rolled steels are manufactured with a matte finish obtained by rolling with specially roughened rolls on the cold mill and the temper mill. this finish helps to maintain effective lubrication during metal forming and improves the appearance of painted surfaces.

Products. at kaiser, we don’t just make a wide spectrum of aluminum mill products. we make them better. our products are highly sophisticated based on the metallurgy and physical properties of the metal and special characteristics that are required for particular applications. our strategy is to serve technically challenging applications for grinding mill.View our full selection of 0.125 mild steel sheet a366/1008 cold roll stock today on our website. buy online with fast shipping direct to your door.Order 0.125" mild steel sheet a366/1008 cold roll online China high precision 4hi aluminum cold rolling mill for sale, find details about china aluminum cold rolling mill, aluminum strip cold rolling mill from high precision 4hi aluminum cold rolling mill for sale - henan zhongsui engineering equipment co., ltd.

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Slabs are the feed material for hot strip mills or plate mills and blooms are rolled to billets in a billet mill or large sections in a structural mill. the output from a strip mill is coiled and, subsequently, used as the feed for a cold rolling mill or used directly by fabricators.Rolling mills galaxie corporationRoll alignment in a continuous pickle line. the pickling process involves unwinding the steel and running it through a series of hydrochloric acid baths and rinse tanks. once the steel is free of scale, it is typically coated with rust preventive oil and recoiled. pickled steel can be sold to market or sent to a cold mill for further processing.Machine 13729 specifications: manufacturer: fenn manufacturing co. u.s.a. type: highly versatile 2-hi reversing mill that can either hot roll ingots up to 2 50mm thick or cold roll strip in grinding mill.Aluminum plate reversible cold rolling mill. reduce aluminum billet plate thickness to certain thickness by reversible rolling. material of aluminum plate: 1xx series, 3xx series. input: 4-8mmx1100mm x <1000mm. output: 0.5-3mmx1100mm x <3000mm. rolling speed: 0-30m/min. thickness reducing degree:≤35 h per pass. rolling force: p≤6000kn.

China 4 high aluminium cold rolling mill tension levelin

Mc068 rwf 4 hi cold rolling mill steelworks equipment . working roll dia 100 mm back up rolls dia 350 mm recoiler dia 400 mm max coil dia 9 kg/mm 1350mm speed 0 - 100 mt/min max pression 160 ton recoiler power each 25 kw rolling power 150 kw rolls positioning mechnic system material high carbon steel tags 4 hi cold mill 4 hi cold rolling mill cold mill cold rolling mill rolling mill sheet grinding mill.

Feb 11, 2019 the mechanical equipment of 1250mm six-rolls reversible cold rolling mill includes uncoiler,coil car,beginning straightening,right recoiler,unwinder car,front device, 1250 composition of six-rolls rolling mill, rear device,roll changing device,left recoiler,belt wrapper,1250 six-high rolling mill ground foundation specification,1250 six-high rolling mill mechanical fixture bolts.material:mild grinding mill.

Equipment overview: this production line is used to make the steel coil to be uncolied, section shear, and recoiler. then the coil is change into standard coils, which have the requirement length. this line is fit to machining cold carbon roll steel and hot carbon roll steel, tin, stainless steel and many metal plated coil. production line grinding mill.

1.1 this specification covers cold-rolled carbon sheet steel used for magnetic applications. these products, commonly called cold-rolled magnetic lamination steel crml are usually intended for applications in which the stamped laminations or assembled core structures for electrical equipment are annealed to develop the desired core loss and permeability characteristics.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as hot and cold rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized metals, and different kinds of alloys can all be slit by these lines. we are proud to supply profession suggestion, custom-made specification to meet specific prodcution needs.our goal is to maximize your productivity.

Cold rolled sheet steel cold rolled sheet product is produced to astm specifications a568, a606, a794 or a1008. cold rolled is sold on an actual weight basis and typically ordered to a minimum thickness. product is provided on a 24 id. all extras are per 100 lbs.

Platform, rolling mill, left and right recoiler, joint gear box, hydraulic agc, bending roil system, driving motor, electric control system, lubrication system etc. technical parameter mill model 650 750 850 raw material carbon steel and low alloy steel material thickness mm 2.0-3.0 material width mm 400-550 500-650 600-750.

With roll-kraft’s panel tooling expertise and capabilities, we can design and/or reverse-engineer products according to your specific requirements. whatever your panel specification may be, from standard orders to custom orders, roll-kraft can meet it—on time and on budget.

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