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Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine For Sale

Hand grinding a telescope mirror make

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Anyway, its amazing the precision you can achieve simply with some glass, grit, pine pitch and a lot of work. ive heard that this is literally the highest amount of precision a human can achieve with simple hand tools! just grinding the telescope mirror probably took 80-100 hours for me, but i was learning a lot and taking my time.

Telescope products & services. we offer a range of products and services for the ameteur telescope enthusiast such as grinding powders, polishing powders /compounds, telescope aluminising services. we offer a telescope mirror re coating service for both primary and secondary telescope mirrors. we also offer a recoating service for sextant mirrors.

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May 30, 2014 this is how you make a telescope mirror out of a hunk of glass: use a sand mixture and another piece of glass to grind away the middle of a concave shape. repeat with finer and finer grit sand. dave barosso demonstrates the technique, but to do it yourself, try to visit one of the telescope makers workshop‘s classes on friday nights in oakland.

Grinding,polishing and figuring large thin mirrors - part 2 - polishing astronomy, telescope making ,mirror grinding and testing large thin mirror making by mel bartels grinding machines mirror-o-matic tom waineos desktop grinding/polishing machine ken liljas grinding machine grinding machine figuring figuring a paraboidal mirror by thermal grinding mill.

Where quartz meets telescopes. following in the footsteps of greg rohde superior optical supply, new owners tim and chris anderson five star optical supply will continue to provide high quality, quartz mirror blanks to the amateur astronomy market. quartz is a very pure glass with an extremely high melting point. because quartz is much grinding mill.

May 15, 2013 new grinding machine the new grinding machine is being used to re-make the old tro 30 inch mirror and the three 20 inch mirrors. it will be capable of making a grinding mill mirror grinding machine construction log – page1.

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10 inch mirror blanks, 3/4 thick: 55 s&h 16;shipping prices are to the usa - not shipping outside the us, sorrycombined shipping is possible - write. for a complete mirror making kit, with all abrasives, polishing compounds, pitch, and grinding tool included, please see our buy telescope mirror kits website for great prices on plate glass grinding mill.

To do these operations i built a grinding machine which would be used throughout the project. my grinding machine, shown in these pictures, was based on dilworth’s grinding machine seen in the nov-dec 1977 issue of s&t: the grinding machine has three spindles. the right spindle is the one on which the mirror is mounted.

Industrial polishing machine with robot arm automatic polish grinding mobile parts / faucet / car fittings. unit price: us 40000-110000 / set. min. order: 1 set. add to inquiry basket. fully automatic robotic polish system polishing grinding machine for polish faucet metal parts. featured product.Rough grinding is complete for the 12.5 inch honeycomb-back telescope mirror blank. the rough grinding went pretty quickly and painlessly this time. i only have maybe 12 hours of actual work in the mirror so far. its hard to believe, but the rough grinding has removed over a pound of glass. the mirror now weighs in at only only 8 pounds 15 ounces.

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Sep 29, 2010 mirror grinding machine - posted in atm, optics and diy forum: i have some interest in building a grinding machine for possible up to an 18 mirror grinding millget price tut44 making a mirror grinding grinding mill.Telescope mirror grinding machine optical instruments. mirror grinding machine construction log – page1. mirror grinding machine grinding mill marks notes for the amateur telescope maker. marks notes for the amateur grinding mill.

Oct 15, 2012 page 1 of 2 - making my own fixed post mirror grinding/polishing machine - posted in atm, optics and diy forum: hey guys. im thinking of making my own fixed post mirror grinding/polishing and curve generating machine. ive got loads of questions regarding the design so ill just start firing away do i need an eccentric moving tool to be able to polish a mirror spherical?Grinding machine for large telescope mirrors. i designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches [1.1m] in diameter. by slipping on and off a couple of belts, the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work. the machine can also work smaller mirrors if the drip pan is moved to the fast shaft on grinding mill.

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Grinding machine for large telescope mirrors. grinding machine for large telescope mirrors i designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches [1.1m] in diameter. by slipping on and off a couple of belts, the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work.

Telescope mirror fixed post grinding machine - 1,150 stockton telescope mirror fixed post grinding machine. -. 1,150. stockton this listing is for a telescope mirror grinding machine and supplies. specifically it is called a fixed post grinding machine , made grinding mill.A good starter size is the 150 mm 6 mirror. a 200mm 8 will also work. most atm books and websites recommend a pyrex mirror blank, but in my opinion, annealed plate glass is better for this first, learn and practice is cheaper, it is softer and grinds faster, needing less abrasives and with these small sizes, the low expansion glass like pyrex has no practical visible at grinding mill.In addition, a great deal of money will be saved: a finished 24 scope will set you back 7,000; grinding your own mirror and building the mount yourself will cost you 2,000. amateurs have made mirrors up to 41 by hand. a grinding machine relieves the labor, but is not necessary. a 24 is the largest you can comfortably do solo.How to make your own telescope mirror: [fig 1] this is a large piece of glass a woman off craigslist gave me. it was 40 x40 and 0.75 thick. its what i decided to use to make the mirror. cutting it into smaller sections can be difficult but scoring it with a glass cutter grinding mill.Thin telescope mirrors . abridged from an article appearing in telescope making 12 provided: courtesy of astronomy magazine articles author: bob kestner . part i - grinding . for many years, amateur astronomers and telescope makers thought it essential that glass for telescope primary mirrors be at least one-sixth as thick as its diameter.Telescope mirrors, blanks, tools, testers, grinding materials, polishing materials, aluminising, mirror box, ronchi, laser, foucault, grinding mill per kilo 40aud tin oxide grinding powder per kilo 30aud pumice grinding powder per kilo 30aud 80 grade grinding powder per 8 mirror 2aud 120 2aud 220 3aud 320 4aud 500 6aud 1000 grinding mill.Telescope mirror kits firsthand discovery. start with one of our telescope mirror kits each kit comes with a telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives silicon carbide grits and white aluminum oxide powders, cerium oxide polish and pitch to grind and polish it to your specifications please note that our kits do not include a grinding tool or pitch lap if you need materials for making a grinding mill.

Telescope mirror grinding machine plans.grinding machine for large telescope mirrors grinding machine for large telescope mirrors i designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches 1 1m in diameter by slipping on and off a couple of belts the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work the machine grinding mill.

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